Jamie Fender


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Snowy Day (sort of)

So it snowed last night! Yeah! Well, there wasn't much on the ground, but you couldn't have convinced my kids otherwise!
Here are a few pictures from this morning.....

Brian and Julianne looking at the snow first thing this morning. Brian was dressed before I even got out of bed! He couldn't wait to go outside!

He was afraid the snow would melt before he got to go out to play. He was looking at me like "why are taking a picture of me instead of getting dressed to go outside"

So I built a rockin fire! (all by myself! love those starter logs!)

Brian throwing a snowball at Tori....

The three of them.....Tori, Julianne and Brian

Tori and Brian wanted to go inside, Julianne wanted to swing. She was pitching a fit about it......

10 seconds later she was happy. It amazes me how she can go from a fit to smiling in seconds! She still has a tear in her eye!!

When we came in the kids propped their feet up by the fire. And I made hot cocoa, but didn't take any pictures of that.....hehehe.....