Jamie Fender


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Best Friends Forever

I had the priveledge of shooting 3 incredible gals this weekend. Grace just turned 11, and for her birthday her mother gave her a photoshoot with me! So I took off with Grace and her two best friends downtown and had a super fun shoot with them. They were super awesome, they coordinated perfectly! (much better than most adults I might add! hehe)
They had sas and priss and attitude, very "Charlie's Angels." I love it!










Charlie's Angels?

Charlie's Angels?


best friends forever

And for those of you who remember, I shot Grace and her two sisters last year . Since I had them I snapped a couple of the sistas as well, so here they are one year older!

Anabel, Virginia and Grace


Monday, October 20, 2008

Kevin and Erin

Kevin and Erin had the coolest wedding at Kinnakeet Shores Beach Club . It was a full day with tons of family and friends. They had a sandcastle contest for the kids and they were so impressive!! Half way through the reception all of the kids were in the pool and they managed to push Kevin in too! By the end of the night the entire wedding pary was in the pool, clothes and all! It was so much fun and it was a gorgeous ceremony!

the flower girl

Oreo, the dog; and Erin, the bride


a box of bubbles

Flower girl?

blowing bubbles on the beach

this cracks me up

dropping seashells


and they see each other

trying not to cry

flower girl

sweet kisses

married at last

the wedding party

the outdoor country club

silly boys

the sandcastle contest for the kids

so much fun

spare no detail

focus is overrated....

Erin and Kevin




Judging the contest

first dance

Kevin started chuncking kids into the pool

some dogs like beer

the garter went in the pool

they all ended up in the pool!!

Junior and Natlie in NYC

I have had the wonderful privilege of going to New York for an engagment shoot! Natalie is from Hot Springs and Junior is from New York, and since they are getting married here in Arkansas we are doing their engagements and bridals in New York. Lucky for me! YAY!! I had SO MUCH fun in New York, these guys were awesome and showed me around. I could so live in that city!! I heart NYC!! :)

Ironically, we primarily shot in Central Park most of the time, I know I go to NY and shoot in the park..hehe...BUT it rained the day we were going to do the city shots, but we got a couple. And it's okay, cause I'm going back in the spring for her bridals and can do some more then! :)






times square



Junior and Natalie

The Tunnel

and then there is me, happy in Times Square! hehehe
silly me

and in the subway
in the subway

and a few pics with Junior's son