Jamie Fender


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hillary's Bridal pics...

Hillary is such a sweet and beautiful bride! She was a joy to meet and super fun to photograph! She got married this weekend so I finally get to post her bridal pics! Yay! Stay tuned for pics from their wedding........

Moments from home....

Sometimes, and only sometimes, I take pics of my kiddos....hehehehe.....and they aren't always from one place, so here is just a mixture of some recent pics of my family.

Not your typical Easter picture....but who cares, these were just on my steps, shot quickly on our way out the door.

A Day at the Park

about two weeks ago, the whole family tackled Pinnacle Mountain.....

Just a random moment....I caught Tori reading in her room....I love that she loves to read..

And last one for tonight, Julianne slap tuckered out. Notice the toys on the bed, where she is supposed to be?

Justin and Kirsten

Justin and Kirsten were so much fun to photograph. They came in town Easter weekend and we just walked up and down the street in Hillcrest. We'd stop as I saw something I liked. They were super silly and totally laid back. It was a wonderful day!

Cheri and Lucas

Cheri and Lucas are a super sweet couple perfectly suited for each other! They are both really quiet, but so cute together! It was a joy getting to know them! These are their a few of their engagement pics!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

My shoot with Humza!

I had the amazing opportunity to shoot with one of the photographers that I met in Vegas, Humza Yasin! (http://humzayasin.com/) He was super fun to hang out with and really talented! He had a wedding and bridal here in Little Rock and he invited me to tag along! I was so pumped because I had never shot an Indian wedding before, it was amazing and fun and the colors were so vibrant! I haven't gotten to the wedding yet, but here are a few of my favs from the bridal I shot with him: