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Thursday, July 31, 2008

The long lost blogger

Yes, I know, it's been like 2 months since my last post. I know you must be wondering if I have been working at all or if I still take pictures! LOL

Yes and yes. I have been working, I have been SO BUSY!! This was my busiest year yet! I am not complaining, I have loved every single minute of it. However, blogging just sort of fell by the wayside. I forget about it. So I have just posted a big line of blogs. It doesn't catch me up, but it gives you something to look at for a bit.

So enjoy and I will try and do better with my blog!


The only pic from the 4th of July

Sparklers were my FAVORITE as a kid!! I took a ton of pics, this is the only shot I have processed! My poor kids, they just haven't been behind the camera much since wedding season hit in the spring!

sparklers were my fav when I was a kid!

Megan's Bridals

Megan was a babysitter for me many many years ago when the only child I had was Tori! She was the first sitter I had when I moved to Little Rock! The day she became engaged she called me elated and hired me right then, it was such a pleasure to take her pics. I swear, she just doesn't seem old enough to be getting married!!!



bright eyes

Adam and Merritt

Here are just a few of my favs from Adam and Merritt's wedding. They were so precious. After they were married Adam scooped Merritt up in his arms and looked her so sweetly in the face and said "Hello Mrs. Hambrick!" Then lay a movie making kiss on her! I about melted!!

Adam is a musician and he wrote Merritt a song to sing to her as she walked down the isle (yes, tear jerking, I cried) So he wrote the lyrics out for her and had a someone bring them to her before the wedding! This is what I chose to use for the ring shot.
His song to her

I (being a Mac user myself) took great delight in finding the groomsmen hovered around a beautiful Macbook Pro while waiting on the ceremony to begin!
Now THAT'S what I'm talking 'bout!!

Adam and Merritt

Adam and Merritt

Adam and Merritt


Merritt and her bridesmaids

Open wide!


Chris and Susan's wedding

Susan has become such a good friend to me now, she's my text buddy! LOL! She was so beautiful! We had time before the wedding so we actually took the entire wedding party back to couch where we shot her bridals! These pics don't cover the entire wedding, these are just some of my favs from the day:






going for a ride in the mom van.......

Chris and Susan

Chris and Susan




Return of the Couch!



Susan and her dad watching the slide show from outside





Rummaging through the archives

I was thumbing through old pics the other day and found some pics of my kids that were out of place, just thought I'd share, I can't believe how little they are here, these are all about 3 years old and all shot back in my film days...


Julianne 2 years ago

my how she's changed

hahahahahhaah.....good times...

Tori's first big tooth


Tori's recital, 2 years ago

My pretty boy

Brian and Tylar

One of Brian's few quiet 2 year old moments

one of my favs of brain

Mandy's feet

I don't have all of Mandy's bridals online yet (she has them, but I don't have the up for my blog yet)

This was my favorite pic from the entire session!!


and this one was just for fun, a reflection in the glass where we were shooting:

Mandy and Me

Katie's bridals

I shot Katie in Hot Springs at Garvan Gardens. While this is a beautiful place to shoot, it was so difficult to get a shot cause there were SO MANY people around! Nevertheless, we managed to catch a few, here's a couple of my favs:


the bell tower

in the dressing room

And a self pic of me on the shoot:

every one else is doing it

My baby broke her leg :(

So my 3 year old, Julianne was riding in my lap on the Rocket Slide at Burns Park in NLR. Sounds safe right? Yeah, not so much. I had her arms and legs tucked into my own, but at the end of the slide it dropped and turned sharp to the left. At this point Juliannes left leg let loose and slammed into the side wall of the slide, breaking her shin bone. I heard it pop and her scream and OMG, off to the ER we go. Poor baby! She's all better now, but seeing as I'm behind in my blogging I figured I'd still include it.

The X Rays
the new x ray

Leaving the hospital, shot with my phone:
Poor baby

Rockin the tricycle with her cast:
Rock on Jules!!

Katie's bridals

Katie had no idea she was so beautiful! She has the really rich brown eyes that are so much fun to photograph cause they just glisten! She was really nervous at first, but the more photos I showed her the more relaxed she became and before you know it I had America's next top model on my hands!! :)


more of Katie


Katie Crook

adding more shots of Katie