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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Chad and Katie

Chad and Katie are such a fun couple! Katie has these intense eyes, and a smile that will light up a room! I had so much fun shooting their engagments, except that it was SO COLD!! We'd had great weather and out of nowhere it was cold again, thank you Arkansas weather! JEESH!

Chad and Katie










Susan's Bridals

I know I know, I post like 5 blogs and then nothing for another month or two. But I haven't had anything to post yet because they've mostly been bridals, which I can't post until after the wedding. So Chris and Susan got married on March 21, so I can finally post Susan's bridals, her wedding pics will come later. And I know, I shoulda posted these a few weeks ago, but oh well. I'm going to be better about keeping up with this thing called my blog!

So anyway, here are some of my favs from Susan's bridal shoot. It was one of the most fun bridal shoots I've had because she actually came to a photog gettogether with me. It was me and about 10 other photographers, we had strobes and all kinds of stuff that I don't usually use and she was one of the models. We started of in the Library and then went downtown and shot in some locations a friend and I scouted out that morning. We found this couch on the side of a building and totally put it in the middle of the street! (one perk to have a bunch of male photographers there was having them move everything for me!) It was SO MUCH FUN!!


OMG, is that a strobe in my stream????




This gal can laugh on command like no other!!!